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Medical Team


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Better Care, Close to Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to know there’s one place you can rely on to care for every member of your family when they become injured or sick? At Bay Street Urgent Care, our talented medical team is capable of providing non-emergency medical care for patients of all ages. Whether your infant has come down with an illness, your eldest relative has broken a bone, or developing flu-like symptoms, you can trust our skilled medical team to provide you with the quality of medical care you deserve. 

Meet Our Providers


Heather Bur - PA

Joshua Saur - DO

John Lawrence - PA-C

Kerri Katona - PA


Physical Exams

Bay Street Urgent Care and Family Practice specializes in providing physical examination services and ensuring improved quality of life. If you are looking for an annual physical exam, contact us today. 

Primary Care Services

Our experienced medical staff and family doctors have expertise in family-oriented and individual care, including pediatrics and child rearing, aging, health education, nutrition and preventive care. They also diagnose and treat many acute and chronic illnesses.

Routine Checkups

Routine checkups can help prevent illness and help improve a healthier lifestyle. They can help keep recommended screenings up to date and help identify problems as early as possible. 

Urgent Care Services

We believe that when you need urgent care, you should be able to get it quickly and conveniently. Our dynamic and focused team of medical providers is committed to providing you with optimal treatments for various non-life-threatening health conditions. 


Our team specializes in providing fast, affordable, and convenient X-ray services. Whether you think you may have a fracture, you’re injured at work, or you need an X-ray for any other purpose, our team of physicians are here to help. 


Vaccinations help protect not only us but also our loved ones from a whole host of diseases. We know how critical it is to be protected from these devastating conditions. We offer immunization shots for children, adolescents, teens, and adults.

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